Cloud has become integral components for organizations from all backgrounds, as it helps them with reducing costs related to IT, enhance rate of prototyping, improve agility, and unlock new opportunities. To survive in the agile business world it is necessary to have a secure working environment. One that would help the business in managing the work remotely and in real time. These concepts are effectively supported by could computing.

Migrating your system to cloud is an essential step in the process. Our migration services are designed to help you with selecting the best approach for your organization, despite the size and environment of your enterprise. We aim to provide you a secure and accessible path for migration, which would reduce migration errors to a great extent. Simplifying the migration process avoids disruption to business, and ensures flexibility and enhances the confidence of the company. Our experts would help you at every step of the migration, making the entire process smooth and pleasant.

Migration Approaches

There are a number of approaches that you can select from for your migration.

Rehosting (lift and shift)

Through this approach the business can easily and inexpensively move its entire process to cloud, without having to replace or change any of the existing practices. This is a simple, quick, and a straightforward approach, as it does not require any modification or changes to the existing code.


Companies who are looking implementing cloud across the business units should opt for this approach. Though it requires a lot of planning, it provides the best results at the end. The core architecture remains same for the applications, with few adjustments to the landscape for optimization purposes. It is ideal for companies for whom it is the first step towards cloud computing.


Looking for shifting to another cloud? This is the best approach for those companies who are shifting from one cloud service to another. No matter what the reason is for your shift, such as cost saving, we can help you with making a smooth migration and shift to your new could services.

Legacy Migration

Shifting your legacy applications to clouds can be a risky step if not planned for properly. Every step taken in migrating legacy to cloud should ensure that the system has a proactive nature to the events rather than a reactive one. Our focus is to minimize the impact of this migration on the business performance.


At times companies need to refactor or rebuild all of their applications. Through this the business can benefit from those capabilities of cloud that are not functioning in its existing environment. For instance, serverless computing and cloud auto-scaling are some of these functions. This approach requires time and investment to ensure future compatibility for the business.

Partial Migration

Some businesses tend to opt for partially moving their services to cloud. In this the company benefits from the complete control that it has over some of the services, while benefiting from the services available to it through the cloud. This is ideal for those with limited investment, but want to take advantage of the opportunities available through cloud.

Cloud migration is an on-going process; it is not a onetime activity. To ensure smooth operations all the applications being migrated need to be monitored throughout the migration process, which includes before and after the migration has been completed. This would benefit the IT team in having a better visibility of the services being offered. It would also highlight if the existing controls in place are suitable and aligned with the needs of the organization and the standards in place.

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