Peersol Consulting is a UK based IT company that specialises in software, web and mobile application development.
It is your one stop shop where excellence meets affordability.

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We provide customised and result oriented solutions to help you take your business to the next level. Founded in 2014, Peersol Consulting has a world of experience in development and design, as well as e-commerce and general consultancy. We design solutions that are aimed at providing virtually seamless integration. We have an in-house team of competitive software engineers who specialize in different crucial aspects of development and design.

With years of experience, extensive IT team, and, forever growing client base that is diverse and scattered across the globe, Peersol is well placed to be among the first who have the knowledge, the skills, the human resource and the ability to stay relevant in today’s ever evolving market.

Peersol’s portfolio boasts a number of prestigious clients that have benefited from our handpicked solutions. Whether you are looking for a one-time development of website or a long-term on-going solution, Peersol will provide you exactly what you need. We take pride in retaining our clients for extended long times; this is made possible by the quality or the work that we provide, excellent support staff, and, innovative solutions.

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45 Fitzroy Street, London, United Kingdom W1T 6EB

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+44 20 3289 1664

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